Organisers and Delivery Partners


Our countries face an enormous challenge to deliver on the commitments we made in the Paris climate accord and our cities and regions will play a fundamental role in the transition to a low-carbon economy. We hope the workshops will provide you with an opportunity to share best-practice with cities from across the UK and Europe. Learning from the successes (and failures) of others will help us all take the most cost-effective action, faster.

Addressing climate change is a challenge but it can also be an opportunity for us to rethink the relationship between being economically competitive and being sustainable. Cities in the UK and across Europe are showing that putting sustainability at the heart of our economy is not only possible but that it is the smartest way to remain competitive.

Delivery Partners:

Tynos Consulting provides strategic solutions for a resilient future. We work creatively across disciplines to find, create and knit together integrated opportunities in cities, businesses and communities.  Our expertise is international, and includes strategic visioning, policy and programme development and implementation across the full range of smart, sustainable and resilience-based challenges. We are based in the UK and Spain and work internationally.

The Lunar Works is a dynamic strategic communications agency. We specialise in communications strategy, brand, digital, creative design and social media and behaviour change. From digital transformation to communicating sustainability and resilience, we blend design thinking, people, technology, strategy and budget into something visionary yet deliverable, contemporary, reliable and creative. We are based in the UK and Spain and work internationally..

Smart Sustainable Cities delivery partners – Bristol and London workshops: Future Earth, The Lunar Works & Tynos Consulting, Resilience BrokersICLEI.