The objective of the project is to provide services to citizens of the city in an electronic form and communicate with them. The project started with the implementation of electronic season tickets for public transport and the creation of an e-shop related thereto. Since the spring of 2017, payment of the fee for municipal waste has also been implemented in the e-shop. Recently, a Tourist Card module has been launched.

The e-shop also allowed voting in the city’s participatory budget.

Currently we are working on interconnection in the area of access to sports facilities. Over a longer horizon, an information module is also planned, as well as capturing of cultural services (offered from contributory organisations) and other areas.

All the individual services can share the e-shop payment channels and also, entirely share the identification carrier of the acquired services.

The carrier is any contactless bank card that the user links with his or her

account via the e-shop. This approach significantly saves costs (the project uses existing technology that is universal and internationally compatible).

All services are primarily linked to the user account, so if the carrier gets lost or replaced, it is easy to transfer all the e-shop services to another identification carrier. The e-shop is also able to notify users about the upcoming expiration of purchased services.

The future of the project:

The objective is to gradually transform the user accounts in the e-shop to an urban electronic identity (which is called Brno iD). In the future, this identity can be used in a wide range of services to which customers will gain access (including information sharing with the citizens).

Key challenges and how were these overcome:

  • Challenge: Very short period to launch the project.
    Solution: The modular approach was chosen. That means build the system module per module and not to launch all at once.

Key success factors:

  • very good preparation of the concept and documentation (internal project manager)
  • long term vision of the concept was clear
  • subsidy of the electronic tickets on the start of the project enabled the growth of the number of users in the system from the start
  • appropriately chosen external “carrier” of the services (=cost savings)
  • very good and flexible delivery agents of the system

Key learnings:

  • the use of a contactless bank card (together with tokenizing element) as a carrier of the Brno iD services is very suitable solution for this type of projects because of easy adaptability of the solution

Organisation: Dopravní podnik města Brna, a.s. (Brno Public Transport Company)

Commissioning agent: City of Brno (other modules except the electronic ticketing system)

Delivery Agents:  For software: Inqool, a.s., for pay and token gate: Česká Spořitelna, a.s. and Global Payments Europe, s.r.o. for electronic reader: IngenicoCZ, s.r.o.

How long has the project been operational: Since 2017

How long the project took from concept approval to implementation:

  • Start of the preparations of the project: 01/2016
  • Approval of the project: 04/2016
  • Documentation of the project: 07/2016
  • Electronic ticketing system realization: 10-12/2016
  • Start of the implementation: 01/2017

Next modules: 05/2017, 10/2017 and others in preparation

How long has the project been operational?: From 01/2017

Funding: Dopravní podnik města Brna, a.s. (Brno Public Transport Company) funded the electronic ticketing system. City of Brno funded the additional modules and services.

Total project cost:  Initial investments: approx. 2 million CZK (approx. 80 000 EUR), one year operational costs: approx. 0,5 million CZK (approx. 20 000 EUR), new modules development: approx. 1 million CZK (approx. 40 000 EUR)

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