Aims of the project:

To deliver Scotland’s first Low Emission Zone and reduce levels of air pollution within Glasgow city centre.

Key challenges:

  • Delivering Scotland’s first Low Emission Zone (LEZ) and in advance of the enabling LEZ legislation.
  • Establishing an evidence based LEZ policy using proven scientific data.
  • Working with private sector bus operators to improve the fleet emissions without significant disruption of service.
  • Effective stakeholder engagement and consultation.
  • To expand the LEZ within 5 years to include all vehicle types.

Key success factors:

  • This project acts as a pilot for other LEZs in Scotland. Lessons learned and experience gained will be shared with other Scottish authorities.
  • This project will deliver the most significant reductions in levels of pollution within the city since the ban on burning of solid fuels in the 1960s.
  • The air quality improvements delivered by the LEZ will not be limited to the area of the LEZ as the “cleaned” fleet will travel beyond the LEZ boundary.
  • Partnership working between agencies and private companies (e.g. bus operators) including identification of associated public transport improvement options.

Key learnings:

  • Challenges included data collection and effective presentation of pollution source apportionment within the city (e.g. buses, diesel cars, taxis etc).
  • An effective communications strategy and meaningful stakeholder engagement is an essential component of delivering the project successfully.

Project details:

Organisation: Glasgow City Council

Funding:  Scottish Government/Glasgow City Council

Total project cost: Project is ongoing at present and costs are not available at this time.

How long the project took from concept approval to implementation: Glasgow LEZ project commenced in 2017 – the project is ongoing and will not be completed until 2022.

How long has the project been operational: Phase 1 of the LEZ commenced in 2018.

How long has the project been operational:The project commenced in July 2016.

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