Aims of the project:

Building of a Traffic Management System;The main objective of the project was to raise the broadly understood attractiveness of the public transport system in Lublin through its comprehensive reconstruction. The project implementation has changed the existing mode of passenger transport within the city and will functionally connect Lublin with the neighboring municipalities. The investment will be the basis for the implementation of joint public transport projects in the future with neighboring municipalities.

The project assumes investments in:


  • Construction of trolleybus traction, including construction of new routes of two-way trolleybus traction with a length of 25 km;
  • Construction of new routes of unidirectional trolleybus traction with a length of 1.4 km and development of the power supply system and power substations;
  • Modernization of streets where priorities is for public transport vehicles and trolleybuses;
  • Construction of a trolleybuses depot near Grygowa and Pancerniaków Street.

Rolling stock:

  • Purchase of 70 modern trolleybuses with an additional autonomous emergency drive system;
  • Purchase of 100 modern buses with EURO 5 and EEV emission standard;
  • Purchase of 3 technical vehicles.

Traffic management:

  • Building of a Traffic Management System;
  • Building of a Public Transport Management System.

Key challenges:

  • Management and processing of data collected by Traffic Management Systems;
  • Adaptation of road infrastructure to the implementation of the Traffic management system;
  • Integration into the current transport system;
  • Documenting the necessity of investing in zero-emission rolling stock for the inhabitants of Lublin.

Regarding the management of data related to urban transport, it was necessary to create a system that would allow easy gathering of information in one place. What’s more, our goal was to create a platform that will enable automatic generation of reports in online and offline.  The integration of transport systems has been designed so that the next investment was the least capital-intensive and labor-intensive. This is reflected in the projects related to electromobility, which the city of Lublin intends to implement in 2018–2019. The confirmation of investment in a zero-emission public transport fleet is primarily in the consistent policy pursued by the municipal authorities in terms of environmental aspects.

Key success factors:

  • As a result of the project, the attractiveness of the public transport system in Lublin will increase;
  • Waste and obsolete rolling stock will be replaced by a modern, comfortable and environmentally friendly meeting the applicable EURO and EEV emission standards;
  • The rolling stock will respond to the needs of all user groups, including people with disability;
  • Some of the intersections and streets, which today are not adapted for running trolleybus communication, will be reconstructed to the required parameters
  • Increased reliability and efficiency of public transport;
  • Improving the comfort of travel by collective transport;Reducing the adverse impact of the urban transport system on the environment.

Key learnings:

  • Investments related to public transport must be comprehensively implemented;
  • The need to implement solutions that will have a positive impact on the environment;
  • Compliance with environmental standards is necessary;
  • The implementation of transport management systems is necessary for the proper functioning of public transport in the city.

Project details:

Organisation: Municipality of Lublin

Funding:  Co-financing from: the Municipality of Lublin’s budget and European Funds: The Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland.

Total project cost: 520 635 102,00 PLN (340 403 217,00 PLN from European Regional Development Fund).

How long the project took from concept approval to implementation: 5 years.

How long has the project been operational: 2010-2015.

How long has the project been operational:The project commenced in July 2016.

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