Aims of the project:

To accelerate transition to a circular society by developing the principles of highly efficient and robust restorative close life support technologies, designed for long term space missions to make Earth sustainable for all.


Project Goals:

  • Develop methods to bring space technology back to earth
  • Use existing technologies and develop new ones to help foster Circular Economy
  • Develop and spread new circular business models
  • Help companies understand the implication of circular economy
  • Develop tools to implement principles of circular economy
  • Identify the skills that the workers of the future will need in within Circular Economy
  • Prepare young Professions by developing relevant Masters & PhD courses in Circular Economy
  • Raise awareness about Circular Economy
  • Find ways to introduce circularity into daily lives
  • Approach governments to facilitate the creation of regulations compatible with a Circular Economy.

Key focus areas:

  • Research
  • Education
  • Outreach
  • Spinoffs targeting economic systems.

Who is involved in the Project:

The SEMiLLA IPStar Hub Málaga, Málaga’s Circular Economy Hub, is the first of a planned international network of SEMiLLA IPStar hubs which will share a common mission to use space technology to realise a truly circular economy on earth. Partners involved in the Malaga project are:

  • University of Málaga
  • Technological Park of Andalucía
  • City of Málaga
  • CIEDES Foundation
  • MELiSSA (Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative)
  • SEMiLLA IPStar

Project details:

Organisation: City of Málaga and SEMiLLA IPStar

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