Aims of the project:

The Strategic Plan aims to reach three vertical areas:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Materials

What stage is the Project currently at?

The city of Lisbon is taking the first steps towards the development of its strategic plan for the circular economy.

The preliminary documents within the energy and water themes have been defined and supported. There is also already a matrix for the materials in the Lisbon metropolitan area.

The matrix-based approach to city metabolism for the three topics will be the background to the Strategic Plan. This will support the process for defining the strategic and supportive objectives needed to accelerate and promote transition to a circular economy.

Key projects currently taking place in the city:

  • Water: Strategic Plan for the Reuse of Lisbon City Water:
    • A partnership between the Lisbon City Council and Águas do Tejo Atlântico.
    • With the implementation of this plan the city aims to save 3 million m³ of drinking water by 2030 (about 60% of current consumption) and that the major consumers of the city save up to 6 million m³.
  • Energy : Lisbon Solar City
    • Solar strategy of Lisbon approved by the municipality in June 2018.
    • The Lisboa Cidade Solar® strategy has the following key objectives:
      • A total photovoltaic capacity of 8 MW installed in buildings by 2021,
      • A 2 MW photovoltaic plant, intended to power the fleets of electric buses and electric vehicles for waste management in the municipality by 2021
      • A total capacity of 103 MW in photovoltaic systems in the city by 2030.
    • Materials: Organic Matter
      • Several initiatives are being carried out in Lisbon to reduce the production of bio-waste and increase the circularity of food;
        • Food waste: 1.840.030 recovered and distributed meals (920 tonnes of bio-waste avoided since 2013)          
        • Organic matter diverted from landfill and incineration (2018) : 28 000 tonnes;
        • 2012 domestic composters distributed since May of 2017;
        • Door-to-door bio-waste collection in 7,000 households;


Project details:

Organisation: Municipality of Lisbon

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